Welcome to Ignite Family Academy!

  • Bower Learning Center side view Ignite Family Academy, North Thurston Public Schools Family Partnership Program is an exceptional educational option for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Students may enroll either full- or part-time.

    Ignite is a part of North Thurston Public Schools

    The mission of NTPS is to prepare all students for rewarding careers, fulfilling lives, and compassionate global citizenship. Ignite Family Academy aligns with Washington State’s Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) requirements under WAC 392-550: Alternative Learning Experience Requirements and is governed by the same rules and laws that apply to other public schools. For more information, visit OSPI's Alternative Learning Department.

    What does Ignite Offer?

    Family partnership programs begin with the families in mind. Our program expands & changes as we learn more about current needs and the types of courses and support families are looking for.

    Ignite will offer a variety of options for families, beginning in the fall of 2021:

    Many benefits to each grade level.On-Site Classes

    • We offer a variety of multi-age classes for students in grades K-8, scheduled Monday through Thursday. Class offerings may include core subjects as well as enrichment classes grounded in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and literacy with planned additional opportunities in social studies, history, and physical education. Our course offerings are interdisciplinary, engaging, and incorporate hands-on learning opportunities as much as possible.

    On-Site Curriculum Resource Library

    • Ignite offers a selection of core content and supplemental materials that your family can utilize for your child’s learning goals. We welcome suggestions from our families!

    Online Resources

    • Ignite students have access to NTPS's online resources, including research databases.

    Teacher Advisors

    • Families are partnered with a certificated teacher-advisor. Together they collaborate on Written Student Learning Plans (WSLPs) that outline course selections, learning goals, assessments, and/or resource materials. 

    Field Experiences

    • Ignite coordinates field experiences related to NTPS curriculum and standards.

    Community Building and Family Workshops

    • Ignite is a place for families to build meaningful connections and is an outstanding opportunity for parents to network with each other. We offer multiple family workshops throughout the year designed to build community and support families.

Written Student Learning Plan

  • Adult and child seated at a table working in a book

    Ignite families work closely with a certificated teacher to develop a WSLP for each student. This individualized plan includes: 

    • Learning goals
    • Curriculum
    • Materials
    • Methods of evaluating student performance 
    • Other required information

    Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) law requires teachers to assess the progress of all students each calendar month and report the progress of all students consistent with the goals and performance objectives of their student learning plan. An Ignite teacher will have responsibility and accountability for each course specified in the plan, including supervision and monitoring, and evaluation and documentation of the student's progress in Parent Led Instruction. The written student learning plan may be developed with assistance from the student and parent(s).