Grading Agreement & Practice

  • Updated January 2021

    • The Purpose of a grade is to communicate about a student’s learning toward a standard.
    • Students are given multiple opportunities to show what they know; demonstrate their mastery of standards. We will allow a redo or retake of the assignment/assessment if the work is important to the learning.
    • When students submit a retake or redo of an assignments or test, the new grade will be replaced in the grade book, not averaged with the previous attempt.
    • Late work will be accepted at any time throughout the grading period. The grading period is semester one and semester two (cumulative grade).
    • We communicate with students and their families regularly through progress reports in Skyward (every two weeks), conferences, and report cards.
    • Our staff uses one of two grading scales, which are consistent by department. The intervals between grades (Values) are equal. We will not use a zero in a 100-point scale. Read The Case Against Zero for a great explanation.

    Percentage Based Grading

    Letter Percent Description
    A 93-100 All standards met
    A- 90-92
    B+ 87-89 Most standards met
    B 83-86
    B- 80-82
    C+ 77-79 Approaching most standards met
    C 73-76
    C- 70-72
    D+ 67-69 Some standards met
    D 60-66
    G Below 60 Standards not met


    4 Point Grading Scale

    Letter Points Description
    A 3.65-4.00 All standards met
    A- 3.50-3.64
    B+ 3.25-3.49 Most standards met
    B 3.00-3.24
    B- 2.70-2.99
    C+ 2.30-2.69 Approaching standards met
    C 2.00-2.29
    C- 1.70-1.99
    D 1.30-1.69
    F 1.29 and below Standards not met