Welcome to the RRHS Student Ambassadors Club!

  • Club Motto: "We work to create a positive, welcoming atmosphere for new students at River Ridge High School"

    Our purpose is to welcome new students moving or transferring to RRHS throughout the year. We want to help them have an easy transition by helping them find their way around, helping them build new relationships, and helping them feel that they are an important part of our HAWK family!

What is Student Ambassadors..?

  • School Ambassadors creates school connectedness for the "new kids". Whether you are a new military connected student or a newly transferred student, Student Ambassadors creates a fun and new transition for you. From school tours with staff introductions to lunch buddies, Student Ambassadors will help you get settled into River Ridge High School. Ambassadors strive to help all students, FIT IN, make new friends and to get staff and school information. Student Ambassadors help create a welcoming school atmosphere, one student at a time! Anyone willing to help others while creating an connectedness to the school is more than welcomed!

Meet the Officers

  • Co-Advisors: Barbara Haskins and Adrienne Perez

    Hello Hawks! My name is Barbara Haskins, and I am the Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC) at River Ridge High School . I'm honored to be a co-advisor of the Student Ambassadors Club at River Ridge. I look forward to welcoming each of you and making you feel at home! We are kicking off our first year and I am excited to work with students who want to make a change. If you are interested in joining or learning more about being a part of the Student Ambassadors Club, please contact me via email @ bhaskins@nthurston.k12.wa.us.

    Hello Hawk Students! Welcome to our new and upcoming Student Ambassadors Club page. My name is Adrienne Perez, and I work for NTPS as the Military Family and Student Support. I am excited to kick off this new year with the Student Ambassadors here at Ridge. I am privileged to be a co-advisor to help and support new and transitioning students, this club will focus on  helping each new student feel a part of our school. I am from a military family and I know what is like to be in unfamiliar territory as the new person. Student Ambassadors prides ourselves with knowing each HAWK student will feel like part of the family when you arrive!   

    2021 President Richard Thomas:

    My name is Richard Thomas and I am a junior at River Ridge High School (RRHS). I have lived in North Thurston County for three years. My father is a Major in the U.S. Army, making me a military BRAT. I have moved around the country seven times throughout my life and RRHS is the 7th school I have attended since Kindergarten. In addition to my parents, I live with my four siblings and our family dog. Because I have moved so much, I have experienced many hardships, as well as opportunities to grow personally and academically. I hope to support and advocate for those who have experienced similar situations that I have been in and welcome you to the Student Ambassadors club at RRHS.

    2021 Vice President Olivia Mann:

    Hello! I am Olivia Maan, and this year I am a junior and a part of the class of 2022! I moved here a year and half ago and spent my 10th and 11th grades here at River Ridge High School. I am the daughter of a US Army Major, here at JBLM. I have moved countless times all over the country, even across borders. As interesting as it sounds, moving around every few years is extremely difficult and overwhelming to deal with for every military family and their children. I have had to start my life over from scratch six times, so I know first-hand that it’s not easy! I have made it my mission here to help new students transition into their new school and surroundings with ease and to help support military families. That said, welcome to the Student Ambassadors Club at RRHS! I am excited to meet you all and get to know more about all of you!

What's Happening...

  • We are currently working on our foundation to get this Club launched. This Club is looking for LEADERS who are willing to participate in making RRHS a welcoming atmosphere for incoming students. If you are a student at Ridge and are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, please see reach out to the President or Advisors under: MEET THE OFFICERS on this page to get connected! Our team is excited to get the Club operating.