River Ridge Ecology Club

  • Advisor: Ms. Smith csmith5@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Meeting Location:  Room 519

    What is Envirothon?

    Envirothon is the largest hands-on, outdoor environmental science competition for high school students. Students compete in teams of five to demonstrate their knowledge in Soils, Forestry, Aquatics, Wildlife, and a current issue topic. 

    Why compete?

    Participation in Envirothon is a huge boost to a student’s résumé or college application. Students get to be part of a team and meet other young people from around the south sound who are interested in environmental science. The competition is proctored by professionals working in natural resources, giving students exposure to careers in the field. Teams get access to workshops on relevant environmental topics preceding the event. The winning teams get to attend the state Envirothon, where they’ll compete for a chance to attend the international competition in Idaho.

    A club focused on green spaces. Activities would include:

    • Beautifying campus (planting and maintaining flowers, bushes etc.)
    • Participating in local ecological conservation efforts
    • Go on hikes
    • Build a school garden program
    • Any activity that involves learning about or going outdoors