Andrew Stacey

Professional Biography

  • While in high school, I was always "good" at math and placed in the advanced classes. I graduated high school with the intention of getting my degree in electrical engineering.  Specifically, I wanted to do research and development on computer hardware (optical storage to be exact).  But I always struggled.  In college, I had to retake most of my math classes until I took a class with a very inspiring teacher.  He made the class interesting, engaging, and an amazing place to learn.  I thought to myself, "If I had a teacher like this in High School, maybe I wouldn't have struggled so much." And thus began my journey.  I earned a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of Washington, Tacoma in 2012.  I had intended to enroll in the Masters of Education program at UWT, but life happens.  I married my high school sweetheart after 15 years apart and all of a sudden had a mortgage, a wife, and three kids to support.  I got a job with the state department of Agriculture in their food safety lab where I worked for 5 months until reduced funding eliminated my position.  I worked a few different jobs over the years with the longest ste3nt of two years as a glass handler at Cardinal Glass in Tumwater.  One day out of the blue I got an email (I was on the UW listserv) that a school was looking for a Math teacher.  Anyone with a Bachelor's degree could apply.  I got the job and began my career with a key, a book, and zero experience.  Fast forward 5 years, I now hold a Masters of Education with a focus on Special Education from Pacific Lutheran University.  This will be my fourth year at Timberline.  I am proud to call myself a Blazer and I would have never dreamed of working with such passionate and dedicated educators as I do now.  I hope my story inspires you to always strive to reach your full potential.  Life is a journey and I am happy to learn and grow with my students on this adventure known as life.