Chomebook Program Closure Information

  • Need a Chromebook or Hotspot for your student?

    We are distributing Chromebooks to all students who lack an internet enabled device at home during the closure, please see the Extended Closure FAQ for information on Chromebooks and internet connectivity resources.

    Need to know summer Chromebook plans?

    • Class of 2020 Device Return Process: Each high school will be working with their seniors to collect their 1:1 Chromebooks before the end of the school year.  Please keep an eye out for communications from your student’s schools on their specific process.
    • Preschool-11th Grade — Keep your Chromebook through the summer: All students who have a Chromebook to support distance learning due to the school closures will keep their devices over the summer.  The district will communicate with families in the fall on collection processes once traditional instruction resumes.
    • Need Summer Chromebook Support? If your student needs Chromebook support over the summer, please see the step and links below.
    • Leaving the district? See the Chromebook & Hotspot return procedure.

    Need Chromebook or Hotspot support?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Review and try the steps on the Troubleshooting page
    2. If troubleshooting does not help or your Chromebook or Hotspot is damaged, fill out the Chromebook support request form | rellena el formulario de solicitud de asistencia de Chromebook

    Translation Instructions for Chromebook Resources

    Español, 한국어, Tiếng Việt, Sāmoa, Tagalog

Frequently Asked Questions

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