Remote Learning 2.0 at NTPS

Overview of RCL 2.0

  • How it Works

  • Teacher Expectations

  • Student & Family Expectations

Current Status

  • Current Stage: Stage 3 Hybrid learning

    Stage 3

    100% Distance Learning with small groups of 6 or less students scheduled by teacher/staff

    • Students in greatest need of additional support as identified by staff, participate onsite with in-person instruction 1 or more days a week. All other students participate in distance learning.
    • Staff are onsite for the purpose of planning and delivering instruction. Staff may request accommodations or flexibility.
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  • Student & Teacher Expectations
  • Schedules & Grading Practices
  • Special Education & Support
  • Chromebook & Tech Support
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Remote Learning FAQ

  • How will grading work?

  • How will attendance work?

  • What if I don’t have access to technology/Internet?

  • What if I am not contacted by my child’s teacher?

  • What if I'm having trouble with a Chromebook?

  • How are Language Learners supported?

  • How are students with IEPs and 504 plans supported?

  • What if I have other questions about the Remote Continuous Learning Plan?