• We cannot replace the amazing, daily instruction that our teachers offer in their classrooms. Our remote continuous learning plan focuses on critical standards to ensure student preparation for the next grade level in secondary grades, and at the elementary level, for our students to stay connected with our schools and teachers as well as continuing their learning.

Elementary Grades K-5

  • Remote Continuous Learning Philosophy

  • Remote Continuous Learning Model

  • Support for the Work

  • Teacher Expectations

Secondary Grades 6-12

  • Remote Continuous Learning Philosophy

  • Remote Continuous Learning Model

  • Teacher Expectations

Remote Learning FAQ

  • How will grading work?

  • What are the expectations around student attendance?

  • What if I don’t have access to technology/Internet?

  • Why are there only 2.5-15 hours of work weekly; depending on the grade level?

  • What if I am not contacted by my child’s teacher?

  • How will teachers know if a student has completed an assignment? How will they assess student learning?

  • Will learning packets continue to be provided for K-5 students? How will students access them?

  • What if I'm having trouble with a Chromebook?

  • How are Language Learners supported?

  • How are students with IEPs and 504 plans supported?

  • Who is a part of the Remote Continuous Learning Ad-Hoc Advisory Groups?

  • What if I have other questions about the Remote Continuous Learning Plan?