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  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parents/Guardians: Please check your voice mail, email and/or Skyward for a message from your student's teacher regarding scheduling a parent-teacher remote conference. The conference window is March 30-April 3. Conferences will take place over the phone or via the internet. Secondary students also need to be checking their accounts for messages on a regular basis. THANK YOU! 

    Free Meals (14 schools & 20 drop-off sites)

    Free lunch and next-day grab-and-go meals are available at all 13 elementary schools, Salish middle school, and 20 new drop off sites from 11:30am-12:30pm on days that were previously scheduled school days. Children 18 and under, as well as Special Education students 19-21 years old, can pick up a meal - no ID required. Also due to a waiver from the USDA, parents or guardians may now pick up meals without their children present. Those who choose this option will be asked to provide their name and read a posted statement at the meal pickup site to confirm they are the parent/guardian of eligible children. Meals provided will be one lunch and breakfast per eligible student. Please check the updated schedule/map.

    Meals will not be available during spring break.

    Last update: 4/3/20 3:28 PM

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