Renee Pittelkau

Professional Biography

  • I have lived in Lacey since 1970 and graduated from North Thurston High School in 1987. I earned a BS in Mathematics from Central Washington University in 1992 and then returned and received a teaching certification from Central Washington University in 1997. I am currently the School Data SIP Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator and Class of 2020 Advisor.  I have a daughter (Melissa) who lives in San Diego and coaches volleyball, a daughter (Nicole) who graduated from WSU and a new son-in-law Patrick who drives a semi lives in Lacey and works for the State, and a son Thomas who also lives in Lacey and drives a semi truck.


  • 1st period Pre-Calculus
    2nd period Prep
    3rd period Pre-Calculus
    3rd period AP Statistics

    4th period Probability and Statistics
    5th period Pre-Calculus
    6th period Pre-Calculus

Last Modified on February 17, 2021