NTPS Utilizes School Messenger for Parent Communication

  • School Messenger Logo - Visit their website for more information! NTPS utilizes a communication system called School Messenger. When you register your child to attend school, you consent to receive these communications. We use your contact information, including phone number, email address, cell phone, etc., to send messages from schools through phone calls, emails, and text messages. The messages you receive are not for marketing or commercial purposes (see types of messages below).

    School & District messages include:

    • School closures
    • Emergency Information
    • Attendance reports
    • General announcements

Activate your account!

  • Click “Sign Up” on


    • Use the email address we have on file and set a password
    • Fine-tune your settings by message category and student (if you have several)

    Download the app and get a 30-day history of messages on your Smartphone!

    iTunes App Store | Google Play App Store

    Please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date by contacting your child's school.


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