2020 NTPS Levy & Bond Information

  • What's on the Educational Programs & Operations levy?

  • What’s on the capital bond?

  • What is the cost to me?

  • How do we spend local levy dollars?

  • What percentage of the budget does the levy fund?

  • Whats the difference between bonds and levies?

  • Why do schools still need levies? Didn't the state fund the McCleary plan?

  • If the district had bonds approved in the past, aren’t we still paying those off? Is this new bond more money on top of the old bonds?

  • Who decided what would be on the bond?

  • Do senior citizens qualify for a tax exemption?

  • If the district keeps the tax rate stable, how does that impact my bill?

  • Is the new combined rate in addition to previous education rates, or is it a new replacement tax rate?

  • Have more questions about Washington state K-12 finance or how our schools are funded?

  • More Questions?

What kinds of things does it pay for?

  • The state funds 2 nurses, but we employ 8

  • The State Funds .09 Mental Health positions, but we employ 10

  • The State fund .4 School Psychologists, but we employ 18