Dismissal Procedures

    Over 400 students at Lacey Elementary are dismissed at the end of the day in one of three methods: walking, pick-up by motor vehicle, or by school bus. All students should have on file the "routine" method of dismissal. Notes or phone calls (by parent/guardian or someone on the student's emergency card) prior to 2:30 will allow students to change their method on a given day.
    1. Walkers: Students who walk home will be dismissed at 3:10. Walkers need to leave the campus promptly and follow all instructions given to them by crossing guards or adults in the area. Walkers must have parent/guardian consent to walk home and are encouraged to walk in groups.
    2. Bus Riders: Bus riding students are to walk in line from their classrooms directly to the buses. Students form lines by grade level in each designated bus zone under the covered area outside the 5th grade classrooms. Students wait for staff instructions to load the bus, and we load in this order: Kindergarten, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st. Students are encouraged to move directly to the buses and load when allowed to. Buses will be dismissed promptly as soon as all students have been loaded.
    3. Pick-Up: Students who are being picked up will be dismissed at 3:10 and proceed directly to one of our two round-abouts. Each round-about has a designated "loading zone." Students will wait attentively just back of the loading zone. As a student sees the vehicle arriving to pick them up, they will notify the loading zone staff member who will walk the child to the vehicle. Students may only load in the loading zone and drivers must stay in their vehicles at all times. One round-about is off of Lilac (often referred to as the back entrance). The other round-about, located directly in front of Lacey's main entrance is for those vehicles entering campus off Homann Drive. Private vehicles are allowed to enter or exit the campus from Alanna Drive during the dismissal period but may not stop to pick up students in this zone. Parents who wish to talk with a staff member or another parent are encouraged to park in designated parking spaces between and in each round-about. Parked vehicles are encouraged to remain on campus until the main "flow of traffic" from the pick-up process has subsided - approximately 3:15.

    Special Notes: While we understand that some parents are in a rush, for safety reasons we ask that all parents waiting to pick up their children by car at one of our round-abouts wait their turn in line. It is not permissible to drive in the center lane and wave your child over to your car. Several children have almost been hit in similar situations. This warning also includes the bus loading zone. Car traffic subsides quickly and is totally clear within ten minutes of dismissal. Some parents have developed the habit of waiting in the parking zone between our two round-abouts and blocking those cars parked in this zone and traffic attempting to move through this area. Please do not stop and wait for pick up in this area.


    Additional Dismissal Policies

    Lacey Elementary School Dismissal Process



    For the safety of our students this policy will be strictly enforced.


    In order to maintain the learning environment at Lacey Elementary and allow our teachers and staff to provide the maximum instruction possible on a daily basis, we have a standardized dismissal process in place at Lacey Elementary. 


    If you must make a change to how your student goes home, please contact our office no later than 2:40 pm.  This includes any changes in who will be picking up or what bus the student rides.  We will inform teachers of any required changes at 2:45 p.m.  No additional phone or intercom interruptions will be made to the classrooms after this time.  The last 30 minutes of the school day is a very busy time in the office and in the classrooms.  Therefore, we will be unable to get that information to your child’s teacher before dismissal.   


    In addition, office staff will not be able to call students down for pick up between 2:50 and 3:10.  If you need to pick up your child early for an appointment or any reason, please do so prior to 2:50 p.m.


    Once school has dismissed and students are in the bus line or on the bus, a note from the office is required to remove your child from the line or off the bus.  You should come to the office to get this note prior to going to the bus line.  Bus drivers and monitors cannot allow anyone to pick up a student without this note.


    *** A new addition to this policy is our process for when there is someone other than the normal person picking up your child.  We still require a phone call.  The person picking up your child must come into the office, show their I.D. and pick up a slip to give to the teacher that shows they have checked in at the office.  The teacher will NOT release the student without this slip. 


    ACT Day Procedure

    The same process applies to ACT days.  Please do not make any changes to transportation after 1:25 p.m., or pick up students after 1:35 p.m. on ACT days.  This timeline allows appropriate communication time to occur within the school.