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     4th period: Digital Essentials (8:55 - 9:40am)

     5th period: Digital Essentials (9:50-10:35)

     6th period: Yearbook (10:45-11:30)

     Student and Support Family Time: Fridays : Tuesday & Thursday:  1 - 2pm and Fridasy: 8:30 - 12:30 pm & 1:00 - 2:40pm

    Student Class Material Access: CANVAS

    Quick "Getting Started With Canvas" Guide

    Parents guide to become observers in Canvas: here

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    School Page: Rambler

    Instagram: @nthsyearbook21

    Facebook: @nthsyearbook

    Email: nthsyearbook@stu.nthurston.k12.wa.us


    Message from Mrs. Borseth:

    Hello students and parents/guardians!
    I am Lori Borseth. I am originally from Brazil, mom to a 6 years old girl and full time step mom of 3 boys (14, 17 and 20). I am one of the CTE Business Teachers here at North Thurston High School.

    This year I am teaching Digital Essentials, periods 4 and 5, and advising the Yearbook class on the 6th period. I am also one of the FBLA advisers. I am committed to student success inside and outside of our classroom. I try the best I can to prepare my students to the real world and to appreciate the people they have in their lives who care and love them.

    Parents/guardians, don't hesitate to contact me whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding your student. My goal is that together, we help them succeed in my class. Students, I am here to help you to be college and career ready. I am not here to do your work, but I am here to help you as long as you are committed to your own success.

    I believe High school should be fun, but I also know that there will be stressful moments, specially this year.  I want you to know that the school has a lot of resources to help you and I am one of them. Don't hesitate to talk to me when you need help with your progress or with something that may affect your school performance.

    Two quotes that I think I should share with you:
    "I am not a mind reader. If you have questions, ask them." :)
    "It is okay not to know everything at first. You can't really change and learn until you make a mistake."

    May the 2020/2021 year be a great, exciting, learning journey!
    Go Rams!