Clubs for Lakes Students!

  • Students at Lakes have many opportunities for other activities besides what they do in the classroom. They can choose to join any of our ever-changing list of clubs. From Robotics to Spanish, there's something for everyone. Check out meeting times/dates and more information about each club on the left!
    Please stay tuned for clubs offered in the 2021-22 school year!

Choir Club

  • Choir is a vocal performing group made up of 5th grade Lakes Students. We perform throughout the year at various concerts and festivals. Choir is open for any 5th grade student that wishes to join. You do not have to audition to be part of the Lakes Choir.

    Advisor: Krista Rounsely (Music Specialist)

Gardening Club at Lakes

  • We will be meeting to work in the Lakes garden throughout the year. This club is open to 4th & 5th Graders.

    Advisor: Tammy Moss

Spanish Club

  • Explore Spanish with the Spanish Club! Open to 3rd through 5th graders.

    Advisors: Maria Dunn & Yolanda Callero

Robotics Club

  • Robotics Club is open to 5th graders.
    Advisors: Cari Quiocho

Coding Club

  • Coding Club is open to 2nd-5th grade students.

    Advisor: Stephanie Sorrell

Leopard Leaders

  • Leopard Leaders is open to 5th graders.
    Advisor: Erin Bonvouloir

5th Grade Track & Field

  • Our fifth grade students have an opportunity to participate in a district-wide track meet every spring. Students are allowed to compete in 1 running event, 1 relay, and 1 field event for a maximum of 3 events. This is a great introduction to track and field for students.

    Advisor: John Barnes