Jessica Kim


    *Tues March 3rd - Parent Education Series at Mt. View Main Building @ 6:00pm-7:30pm.  The topic is "Helping Your Child Achieve Developmentally Appropriate Speech and Language"

    *Fri March 20th - No school for Preschool-12th grade for NTPS professional development

    *Friday March 27th is the 2nd annual Mt. View Preschool STEM Discovery Day!!! Parents and families members are welcomed to attend this school event.  It is held during the school day during your child's preschool session. The classes will rotate between different STEM/Science-related activities. 

    *Parent/teacher conferences are the week of March 30th.  The late night for scheduling conferences will be Tuesday March 31st with staff scheduling conferences until 6:00pm.

    *Spring break is April 6th-10th

    *APRIL is the Month of the Military Child and it is also Autism Awareness Month.  During April I will be wearing a different Autism awareness shirt!

    *Tuesday April 14 - Parent Education Series at Mt. View Main Building @ 6:00pm-7:30pm.  The topic is "Math at Home: Ways to Foster Early Math Skills"

    If there is a delayed opening for schools due to weather conditions, there is no preschool.

    *My student teacher from CWU, Rikki Hadaller, will be with us until March 20th.  She's taken over as the lead teacher and I'm here as a mentor and support for her.  She'll also participate and possibly lead IEP meetings to learn the role of the special educator in regards to the IEP process.


  • Communication between family and school is extremely important to me.  On my class website, I will post about activities, lessons, helpful tips, or specific verbage we are using in class.  This gives families an opportunity to communicate with their child about his or her school day.  Using the same verbage or terminology that we use in school will help build that school to home generalization of skills.  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please call or email me.  I appreciate any feedback from you to make this the best educational experience for your family.