Safety in our Schools

  • Safety and security is the highest priority at NTPS. We are in a constant state of improvement as we train, implement, and test various safety protocols and programs throughout our District. We strive to keep our staff and students safe, and ensure they feel safe at work and play in our schools. Learn more below. Read the article in Thurston Talk about safety in our District!

Cameras in Schools

  • We have increased the cameras from 270 to 1,400 cameras providing coverage in all of our interior common spaces with completely coverage to all of our 22 buildings. North Thurston High School and Pleasant Glade Construction will increase that number to 1,550.

Critical Incident Response Team

  • Our Critical Incident Response Team is a group made up of school counselors, nurses, communications, and other staff in case a crisis occurs at one of our schools. They are trained to provide immediate and ongoing support to students, staff, and families to help mitigate the emotional impact of a critical incident. Learn more about them!

Safety Resources for Parents

  • If you See Something, Say Something - Call 911!

Safety Drills

  • Each of our buildings are required to run a variety of safety drills throughout the year. From fires to active threat training, our students and staff know how to communicate, follow instruction, and where to go in the event of an actual emergency. This includes lockdown drills (even reverse lockdowns for when a threat may be inside the building), fire drills, earthquake drills, and more.

Resource Officers

  • Each of our schools has an assigned Resource Office from either Lacey Police or the Thurston County Sheriff that make regular rounds to each of their assigned buildings. They foster communication with staff and students and with that relationship, are able to be immediate points of contact when safety is in question. Meet our Resource Officers!

Safety Information Card

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