Equity at NTPS = Eliminating the Barriers!

  • NTPS is committed to academic excellence for each and every student in our district. We know that in order to reach this goal, every staff member must commit to learning more about equity and embrace culturally responsive strategies and pedagogy. We have developed a comprehensive plan focused on equity that allows us to reflect, learn and lean into diverse perspectives so that every child can say, “At NTPS, I belong.”


    • To ensure high outcomes for all students by removing barriers and predictability of success based on social, economic, and/or cultural factors.

    Core Values

    • Listen to understand
    • Acknowledge Experiences and our own Scotoma
    • Respond with Compassion and Action

Throughout the District

  • Governing Policy
  • Board Resolution
  • Message from Superintendent Clemens
  • Tribal Partnership
  • Multicultural Action Council
  • District Equity Data

Why Contact Us?

  • equity@nthurston.k12.wa.us

    • Give input and ideas that support our work with equity
    • If you’re interested in a having a “thought partner” as we grow in our understanding of equity
    • Share experiences related to equity that can help lead to change
    • Shine a light on best practices focused on equity around our district and community
    • Share or ask for resources to support our equity work

Monthly Equity Focus

Our Journey as a District

  • Phase 1

  • Phase 2

  • Phase 3

  • Phase 4

  • Phase 5

Action Steps

Action steps for our district to work towards a more equitable community for all students and staff.