Welcome to River Ridge's Black Student Union!

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    We are an inclusive group dedicated to the empowerment of Black people through advocacy in all sectors of society including education, healthcare, politics, media, economics, etc.  We are committed to dismantling systemic and structural racism for the well-being and success of Black people and, by extension, all people. We are leaders in the South Sound area in our work to ensure racial and social justice at our schools, in our communities.  We organize youth conferences, community building events, fundraise, work with local lawmakers, present reform initiatives at our school district, collaborate with other BSUs and clubs, mentor elementary students, and have a lot of fun and cookouts while we are doing it!  Join us and help lead the youth movement to a better world!

    Our Co-Advisors are:

    **Please email Ms. Tran to be enrolled in our BSU Canvas Club page.  

    Meeting Location:  Auxiliary Gym