Welcome to River Ridge's Black Student Union!

  • Advisor: Christie Tran
    Room 522

    In order to self-determine black identity, mentor black youth, and educate ourselves and our community about the Black American experience, River Ridge High School’s Black Student Union was formed in March of 2016. We are witness to racism, prejudice, and inequality in today’s society and believe that through education and modeling tolerance we can create a better world for everyone. BSU provides opportunities for student empowerment. We take on these social issues that aren’t found in textbooks to provide black students with a sense of history and a way to positively influence our futures. Through BSU every student is challenged to take on leadership roles. This better prepares us to participate as active citizens in our democracy now and for when we graduate and begin our college or career paths. BSU not only allows students of all backgrounds to come together to take a stand in preventing racial inequality, we are also interested in furthering the cause of other social issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, suicide awareness/prevention, and bullying prevention. BSU is a club that undoubtedly gives voice to all students despite skin color, religion, ability, gender, and sexuality. As a club, BSU truly embraces those diversities through the common theme of Black history and inheritance. Each day BSU finds a way to tear down the challenges of negative stereotypes. Black students are still subject to being labeled as at risk or high risk in terms of academics and behavior. All students should feel as though they are in a safe and accepting environment to learn in and the BSU is here to support those needs. Black Student Union will continue to grow and we hope to see our club spread and reach farther out into our district at other schools. BSU even plans to conduct an outreach presentation to local elementary schools to educate younger generations of future leaders to carry on our legacy of tolerance and valuing diversity.