• Room: Currently from Home due to Covid

    Subject: American Sign Language

    Email: SGilmore@NThurston.K12.WA.US

    The best way to contact me is via email. I do my best to repond the same day or the next school day. If you would prefer a phone call please email me the student's name, their class, the topic, your name, and number. I will contact you as soon as my schedule allows. 

Classes will be provided via Canvas

  • Please see Canvas Learning Management System

    The current plan is Thursdays new lessons will be posted in video format to be watched before Monday's meeting.

    Monday and Wednesday we will have synchronous (same time/live) lessons. Students need to be in class to practice the language they are learning. 

    For the synchronous classes students will choose Google Meet or Zoom, depending on their device and connection to the internet.

    Assignments and homework (asynchronous, alone/on your own time) will be posted and will be due by the following Monday.


    Work schedule

Professional Biography

  • Hi, I'm Ms. Gilmore. I started on my American Sign Language career by earning my AA in interpreting in Tulsa, OK. That was followed by my BA in interpreting from Sienna Heights University. I earned my teaching credential from through Bates. I have also attended a few other colleges and univeristies including BYU-I and UNF.

    I have been an American Sign Language interpreter for 20+ years earning two national certifications, the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and Ed:K-12 Interpreting certification.

    I have worked for NTPS since 2002, teaching at NTHS since 2017.

    I am also the club advisor for the ASL club/American Sign Language Honor Society.


    1. American Sign Language I
    2. American Sign Language II
    3. Interpreting a class
    4. Interpreting a class
    5. Interpreting a class
    6. Interpreting a class

    Club: American Sign Language/

    American Sign Language Honor Society