New Student Registration for Elementary Schools

  • Welcome to NTPS new students! Enrollment is not complicated, but does involve a few steps. Please read the instructions carefully.

    Registration takes place in 3 parts

    1. Find your School (search by your home address)
    2. Pre-registration online through our registration gateway using the school you find above.
    3. Bring the qualifying documents in person (see below) to your resident school.

    Start Pre-Registration!


    Important Notes

    • Pre-registration online collects the state-mandated information about your student and will become part of their official record.
    • Only a parent/guardian living in the District and at the same residence as the student may enroll the student. 
    • Please provide accurate information. Inaccurate information could place you in jeopardy of legal action.
    • If you do not have a computer with internet access, please call (360) 412-4559 or (360) 412-4535 to use a district-provided computer.
    • Submitting pre-registration information does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance.

    Kindergarten cut-off date

    5 years old on or before August 31st makes your child eligible for fall Kindergarten. Learn more about Kindergarten at NTPS.

    What about Preschool?

    • We offer Preschool for Special Education students, and tuition-paying integrated students. The enrollment process for Preschool is different. Learn more about NTPS Preschool.

    Eight (8) Required Documents:

    1. Proof of name and age of student. (1) one of the following birth record documents:
    2. Documentation of legal name change if different than name on the birth record above.
    3. Student's Immunization Records.
    4. Completed Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form  (Required by Washington State)
    5. Proof of residency. One (1) of the following documents:
      • Current lease
      • Recent contract of sale
      • Recent Mortgage statement
      • Recent Utility Bill
    6. NTPS Verification of Residency Statement  (click link to download)
    7. Custody agreement/parenting plan/court order if parents are separated or divorced.
    8. Registration Gateway Signature Page (click link to download)

    Three (3) Documents not required, but helpful if available:

    1. Academic records (most recent report card for K-8) (helpful, but optional)
    2. Copy of Individualized Education Program (IEP) / Evaluation Report (ER) (if applicable) (helpful, but optional)
    3. Copy of 504 (if applicable) (helpful, but optional)