Welcome to South Sound High School - NTPS's School of Choice!

  • Welcome to South Sound High School! We are NTPS's School of Choice (Not sure what we mean? Learn more about how it works.) We opened in 2007 and are designed to accommodate non-traditional programs.

Unique Programs & Partnerships

  • The strength of South Sound High School is its staff. The adults at SSHS work very hard to create an environment where a positive relationship with every student is important — no one at SSHS becomes “invisible”.
    The responsibility for success is a two-way street. Every student who attends SSHS has asked to be here—SSHS is a “choice” high school. Because of that, every student is expected to attend and work toward their academic goals. Students who are serious about their choice are rarely disappointed with the results of their time and effort at SSHS. The following programs are offered at SSHS:
    • Apex Online Curriculum
    • Community Garden (Environmental science class)
    • GED for 5 (credit retrieval)
    • SNAP-Ed partnership for school garden, nutrition, and cooking
    • Partners in Education with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, and Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates.


Current School Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • During the 2019-20 school year, Hispanic students will graduate at the same rate as their white peers.

    Behavior Gap Goal:

    • During the 2019-20 school year, all SSHS students will increase positive responses to the statement "In my classes, students are busy doing school work" by 10% as compared to the 2018-19 school year, as measured by the CEE student survey. Additionally, the positive response gap between male and female students will be reduced by 15%.

Community Involvement

  • Parents and guardians are encouraged to be part of SSHS through volunteer opportunities, student-led conferences, and school/community events. Parents and guardians can keep in touch with SSHS through the school newsletter, school Facebook, school Twitter, and our website.

    To volunteer, call our school at (360) 412-4880 or fill out an online application.

School Mission

  • Mission: “Everyone matters; everyone cares.” South Sound High School is a high quality, caring environment for student success. South Sound provides an opportunity for students to achieve their academic goals in a smaller alternative setting in that provides students a “best chance” rather than a “last chance” for academic success!


  • To view Enrollment Statistics, Demographics, and State Test Scores, view the Washington OSPI Report Card.

Community Feedback

South Sound's Building History

  • South Sound High School houses the district’s alternative high school and was built in 2007 on 4.4 acres.

    It is located at 411 College Street NE in Lacey adjacent to the Dr. John Gott Administrative Center. The pre-engineered metal building was designed, permitted, built and occupied within a one-year time span. This school was designed to accommodate non-traditional programs.

    The 18,448 square foot building, including 10 instructional spaces, currently serves tenth through twelfth grade. During 2019-20, we will enroll only twelfth graders. This alternative-choice high school was built utilizing mitigation funds.