Olympic View's 5th Grade Band & Orchestra

  • At Olympic View, our 5th graders have the opportunity to participate in either band or orchestra with an instrument of their choosing. Classes are taught by some of our top-notch secondary music teachers.

    In the fall, 5th grade students will receive information on choosing their instrument and receive contact from their music teachers. 

    • Band: Nisqually Middle School's Peter Annis
    • Orchestra: River Ridge High School's Austin Schlichting

Olympic View Band

5th Grade Band FAQ

  • What instruments are offered?

  • How do I decide which instrument is right for me?

  • Are there instruments that are more difficult than others?

  • Are there instruments that are better for boys or better for girls?

  • How do I get an instrument? What supplies do I need?

Olympic View Orchestra

5th Grade Orchestra

  • What instruments are offered?

  • How often are classes?

  • Do I need private lessons?