Professional Biography

  • This is my 2nd year teaching English as a second language to English Language Learners at Lakes Elementary. Most of my time is spent teaching small group classes and I really enjoy getting to know the elementary school students. On Monday and Thursday afternoons I teach at Aspire Middle School. I teach 6th grade through 8th grade at Komachin Middle School every day. I am happy to be able to work alongside such great teachers at Lakes!!

ELL Statement

  • Our bilingual / bicultural (or multilingual / multicultural) students are an asset to our community. They bring skills and knowledge that enliven and enrich the school environment.

    Our responsibility as educators is to see that all students are able to take full advantage of school, district, and community resources for academic success…high school graduation is a clear, specific, and measurable goal that will prepare them for a bright future full of options.