Billy Simmons

Professional Biography

  • Welcome to Fifth Grade! My name is Billy Simmons and I've been teaching at Meadows since 2015. Each year I'm inspired by the depth and complexity of the job, and the wonder and curiosity inherent in children enhances my own understanding of the importance and value of public education. I focus on building relationships within the classroom and creating an environment where students feel welcome and appreciated. I believe that under the right circumstances, true creativity and learning take place naturally and spontaneously. I also believe that students need freedom and autonomy to become critical thinkers and problem solvers, so I focus on developing self-managing skills and letting students guide their own academic choices to the best of their (and my) ability.  I received my Master in Teaching from The Evergreen State College and am forever grateful for the education I received there. I studied cultural diversity and multicultural education extensively, and that learning remains core to my goals as an educator. I've also traveled throughout South and Southeast Asia and am committed to celebrating diversity and understanding the history of different groups within our local and global community. Lastly, I'm a musician and aim to integrate music into my class as and when possible. Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward to working with you and your children as the year progresses.