Tiffany Twiddy

Professional Biography

  • Welcome to Horizons PE webpage. My  name is Ms. Twiddy and I have been teaching for 7 years. I graduated from Central Washington in 2013. I completed my masters degree in recreation and sports sciences specializing in coaching education in 2017. I encourage students to give their best effort and maximize their opportunity to get active in PE.

    This webpage will provide information about the activities your students are doing in class and the importance of physical education. Physical education provides opportunities for students to exercise their bodies and minds. Students improve their problem solving skills, strategic thinking, and expand their ability to communicate with other students. Students learn personal and social responsibility and sportsmanship. Our physical education program incorporates the 5 components of fitness, sport education, lifetime and outdoor activity pursuits, and health concepts.   


    • 8:15- 8:55- 3rd Grade
    • 9:00- 9:40- 4th Grade
    • 9:45- 10:25- Kinder Friends
    • 10:30- 11:10- Life Skills
    • 12:30- 1:10- 1st Grade
    • 1:15- 1:55- 2nd Grade
    • 2:00- 2:40- 5th Grade

    Remote Learning Schedule


    K-2, Life Skills

    • K 1:00-1:20
    • 1st 12:30-12:50
    • 2nd 2:00-2:30
    • LS 1:30-1:50



    • 3rd 2:00-2:30
    • 4th 1:15-1:45
    • 5th 12:30-1:00

Expectations of PE Students

  • In an effort to create consistency among elementary physical education classes throughout the district, we have developed common standards for classroom management and report cards.

    4 Exceeds Standards

    • Follows rules without assistance
    • Consistently participates in class to the best of their ability
    • Shows leadership, helps others, contributes to class, cooperates

    3 Meets Standards

    • Follows the rules
    • Participates in class
    • Cooperates

    2 Approaching Standards

    • Needs assistance following the rules
    • Effort/participation needs improvement
    • Has difficulty with cooperation/sportsmanship

    1 Significantly Below Standards

    • Does not follow the rules even with considerable assistance
    • Rarely participates in class
    • Lacks cooperation/sportsmanship

    Appropriate Dress

    Students should come to class wearing clothing that is safe for movement and exercise.

    • Footwear should include some type of flat bottom (no heels) sneaker such as tennis or basketball shoes that tie, Velcro, or fasten so they do not fall off.
    • Pants, sweats, shorts, and Skorts are preferred. Girls who wear dresses or skirts should wear shorts and/or leggings underneath.


    If for any reason your student is injured or not able to participate I need a note or email explaining why. Thank you!