How to Pay Fines & Fees

  • Our office accepts checks (payable to North Thurston Public Schools), cash, and credit/debit cards through our online payment portal. Please come during regular business hours to make cash/check payments.

    Fee Waiver for those that Qualify for Free & Reduced meals: You may have reduced or eliminated school & district fees! Once you've filled out your Free & Reduced Lunch application, visit the Online Forms item in the Skyward menu for access to the Fee Reduction Consent Form. Once you've filled it out, our office staff will take it from there!

Paying with Credit Card?

Adding Money to a Lunch Account

  • Check or Cash: Pay through the office. During summers, you can make payments at the District Office.

    Credit Card: Pay online through our payment portal.

      1. Log into the Payment Portal
      2. Select your student
      3. Shop: Items at student's school
      4. Category: Food Service
      5. Select a preset amount or a custom amount.

    What if there's a negative lunch account balance? Please pay the negative balance and add any extra to the account. If you would like to be reminded when the account balance is low, you can set up alerts in Skyward to receive an email when the account needs money.

Chambers Prairie Elementary Fee Schedule

  • Fee Type Amount
    Instrument rental (year) $45.00
    Instrument rental (summer) $10.00
    Miscellaneous - Personal copies $0.15 per page
    Miscellaneous - NSF Check fee $20.00
    Miscellaneous - Printed copies of records $0.15 per page
    Food Services - Breakfast (student) $0.00
    Food Services - Breakfast (adult) $2.90
    Food Services - Lunch (student) $0.00
    Food Services - Lunch (adult) $4.75
    Food Services - Milk $0.50
    Talented & Gifted assessment fee (non-resident student) $150.00
    Field trips TBD
    Integrated preschool monthly tuition (4 days per week)* $280.00
    Integrated preschool monthly tuition (2 days per week)* $165.00

    *10% reduction if paid in full for the year