Meadows Driveway Guidelines

  • Meadows Drive Way Guidelines (full text on this page)

    Please see the map to the right for traffic flow. Download a PDF Map of these instructions >>

    Before School

    • Curbside drop off time is 7:45 am. Please remain with your student until that time. Staff will be on hand to direct students to their line-up areas. Students having breakfast may arrive at 7:45 am.

    Picking Up a Student Before Dismissal Time

    • If your student has an appointment, and you need to pick them up prior to dismissal time, be sure to bring in your ID as you will need to provide ID to our office staff.

    After School Curbside Pickup

    • Student pickup time is 2:40 pm. For convenient curbside pickup, please pull through to the curbside pickup zone and line up at the STOP line if you arrive early. Be sure to have your car rider tag hanging from your rearview mirror. Staff will call for your student(s) who are waiting in the courtyard, and they will cross to meet you at your vehicle in the curbside drop off/pickup zone. Students will not be able to meet you in the parking lot. Please do not exit your vehicle, we need to keep the flow going. Please note that there are two left car lanes for exiting the campus. The far right lane is for buses to enter.

    Changing After School Transportation

    • Please send a note with your student if you are changing their after school transportation. You can also email the office staff at by 1:30 pm on the day of the change. Please remind your authorized person to carry their ID. As always, only a parent or legal guardian is allowed to change the mode of transportation for their student(s).

    Parking Lot Reminders

    • Do not block the parking lot entry if waiting in the curbside line.
    • The right-hand drive through lane is for curbside drop off and pick up. The left-hand lane is a vehicle bypass lane.
    • NO double-parking in the lot, please!
    • Do not drop off or pick up students in the parking lot.
    • No parking on the west side of Deerbrush Drive (opposite to the school)