Why Does Family / Parent Involvement Matter?

  • Parents you can influence the success of your child by becoming an active participant in your child's school. 

    Communicate: Stay informed and respond promptly to all communications from the school or the school district.

    Be an example: Show your child that education is important by reading, attending parent/teacher conferences, and attending open houses.

    Volunteer: Volunteer at your child's school and help with extra-curricular activities. Participate in supporting parent involvement in activities at school.

    Research tells us that students with involved parents are more likely to:

    • Earn high grades and test scores
    • Take more challenging classes
    • Have better attendance
    • Graduate
    • Go on to community / technical college or university

Parent Involvement Policy

    1. We will hold an annual meeting with parents to review our policy.
    2. We will jointly develop our policy between teachers and parents.
    3. We will offer meetings, trainings, videos, materials, and events to meet parents needs in working with their children.
    4. We will provide books and activities for families to check out and use at home.
    5. We invite parent feedback regarding our school improvement plan.
    6. We provide parents with information on student progress and state standards.
    7. We offer curriculum and assessment information and training.
    8. We respond to parent concerns in a timely manner and offer parent opportunities to volunteer.

Planned Communication

    • Notification Letters
    • Report Cards
    • Progress Reports
    • Parent Conferences
    • Phone Calls
    • Newsletters
    • Notes Home
    • Website Updates
    • Reader Board
    • Texts

Planned Activities

    • Fall Open House
    • Community Access Nights
    • Multicultural Night
    • Dr. Suess Reading Night
    • Breakfast Reading
    • ELL Family Nights
    • Science Fair
    • Engineering Night