Welcome to the River Ridge Key Club!

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    Advisor: Mrs. Estes
    Room: 218
    President: Brandon Kim
    Vice President: Kyunghyun Chong
    Secretary: Alec Jacoby

    About Key Club  

    Key Club is a group of students who want to give back to the community. They are involved in many different types of community service activities (listed below). For more information please join us on ACT Wednesdays at 7:30 in room 218. If you have any questions about upcoming events, please see President Maranda Queen or Ms. Estes. 

Activities 2017

  • October:
    • Harvest Carnival at Evergreen Forest ES
    • Highway Clean Up
    • Thurston County Food Bank
    • LPR Tree Lighting and Parade
    • Breakfast with Santa
    • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
    • Roo Lan
    • Usher/Christmas Carol at Evergree Forest ES/Ginger Bread Houses

Activities 2018

  • January:
    • Grapefruit Sale
    • Highway Clean Up
    • Food Bank
    • Valentine Craft Night
    • Masquerade Ball
    • Grapefruit Sort/Load
    • Dr. Suess at Evergreen Forest ES
    • Ethnic Celebration
    • Campus Clean Up (3/23/18)
    • Campus Clean Up (3/28/18)
    • Live Shooter (4/6/18)
    • Campus Clean Up (4/13/18)
    • Campus Clean Up (4/27/18)
    • Highway Clean Up
    • Campus Clean Up (5/11/18)
    • Chaperone at Nisqually MS Dance
    • Postal Carriers Food Drive
    • Campus Clean Up
    • Day of Champions
    • Campus Clean Up
    • Color Run at Nisqually MS
    • Usher – Once Upon a Mattress
Last Modified on October 1, 2018