Welcome to River Ridge FBLA!

  • 2020

Who we are

  • Advisor: Ms. Hill jhill@stu.nthurston.k12.wa.us

    Meeting Location:  Room 418

    • Presidents: Alan Ly & Minh Tran
    • Vice President: Sarah Mercado
    • Treasurer: Nicholas McClelland
    • Secretary: John Byerly
    • Public Relations Team: Kate Whiting & Mia Tanguileg

What do we do in this club?

    • Meet new students and have fun!
    • Learn about business
    • Compete in business events with other schools in our region
    • Participate in conferences and workshops
    • Coordinate school activities such as Pennies for Patients
    • Organizing and participating in community service and fundraising activities 
    • Add something great to your résumé or college application!


    Virtual 2021 Winter Leadership Conference Winners! 

    • Advertising--Mason McFarland, 1st Place
    • Business Ethics--Mia Tanguileg, 2nd Place
    • Economics--Talmage Roberts, 3rd Place
    • Entrepreneurship--Talmage Roberts & Avery Roberts, 1st Place
    • Graphic Design--Alan Ly, Nicholas McClelland & Minh Tran, 4th Place
    • Journalism--Kate Whiting, 3rd Place
    • Management Decision Making--Alan Ly, Nicholas McClelland & Minh Tran, 2nd Place
    • Marketing--Evan Barkis & Nate Millin, 1st Place
    • Organizational Leadership--Sarah Mercado, 3rd PlaceEvan Barkis, 4th Place
    • Political Science--Mason McFarland, 5th Place
    • Publication Design--Sarah Mercado, 1st Place; Alan Ly, Nicholas McClelland & Minh Tran, 4th Place; Kate Whiting, 5th Place
    • Securities & Investments--Talmage Roberts, 2nd Place
    • Social Media Strategies--Sarah Mercado, 1st Place; Kate Whiting & Mia Tanguileg, 4th Place
    • Sports and Entertainment Management--Talmage Roberts & Avery Roberts, 1st Place