Melissa  at Cambridge University

Melissa Hughes

  • 6th Grade English & Advisory



  • Teaching Background:

    • Master's Degree in Education with an Endorsement in English Instruction.
    • Bachelor's Degree in English, Literary Studies.
    • Teaching Experience since 2010.
    • Teaching Experience within North Thurston Public School District since 2012.
    • High School and Middle School Teaching Experience.

Class Information

  • 6th Grade English Focuses:

    • Washington State Standard's Aligned
    • Common Core Curriculum Based
    • Writing Standards
    • Reading Standards
    • Speaking/Listening Standards
    • Communication Skills Standards

    Course Materials:

    • Course work and Writing Do Now's are posted in Google Classroom. All students have set up their Google Classroom accounts. 
    • Skyward (Online Gradebook) will be updated every 2 weeks.

    Late Work Policy:

    Students are responsible for tracking upcoming due dates in their Planners. Students have a week to make up work after excused absences. After the week deadline has passed missing/late work will no longer be accepted. Appropriate times to ask me about assignments include before school 8:30 - 9:20, or after school 3:50-4:20. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Students are respectful to themselves, myself, and their peers.
    • Students are in their seat and reading the board by the bell.
    • Students focus during lessons.
    • Students practice during individual or group work time.
    • Students are responsible for tracking their grades and upcoming due dates.

    Grading Categories:

    • Assignments - 20%
    • Communication - 20%
    • Evaluation - 20%
    • Reading - 20%
    • Workbooks - 20%