David Ohrt

  • 7th/8th Science & Environmental Science
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  • Period Class
    Ad Advisory
    1st Prep
    2nd 7/8 Science
    3rd Environmental / Horticulture
    4th 7/8 Science
    5th 7/8 Science
    6th 7/8 Science


Professional Biography

  • I hold a degree in Biological Sciences Education from North Dakota State University, and have been teaching since 2011.

    My professional goal is to provide students the opportunity to grow and develop as critical thinkers, using science as a tool for reasoning. I believe students learn best by a hands on experimental approach, with a problem based inquiry format style. 
    Before teaching I was a manager and education lead for an aquarium in Minnesota. I have an extensive background in biology, especially in the field of ecology, with field research experience working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia as well as studying the environmental impact of the Wolves of Yellowstone.  

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