Brian Kinsella


  • Regular Day Schedule

    • Advisory: 9:20-9:35
    • P.1 Physical Science: 9:39-10:32
    • P.2 Physical Science: 10:36-11:29
    • P.3 Physical Science: 11:33-12:29
    • 3rd Lunch: 12:29-12:59
    • P.4 Physical Science: 1:03-1:56
    • P.5 Planning: 2:00-2:53
    • P.6 Hi-Cap Earth & Space: 2:57-3:50

    Early Release Schedule

    • Advisory: 9:20-9:35
    • P.1 Physical Science: 9:39-10:17
    • P.2 Physical Science: 10:21-10:59
    • P.3 Physical Science: 11:03-11:59
    • 3rd Lunch: 11:59-12:29
    • P.4 Physical Science: 12:33-1:11
    • P.5 Planning: 1:15-1:53
    • P.6 Hi-Cap Earth & Space: 1:57-2:35

Class Information

  • Hello parents! I am excited to be entering my fourth year of teaching 7th-8th grade science at NMS.


    • I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, graduating from Roosevelt High School in 2002. I earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Washington in 2006, before completing the Biotechnology Technician Training Certificate course at Seattle Central CC in 2008-2009. Coursework included biology, chemistry, virology, and immunology. I earned my Master in Teaching degree at The Evergreen State College in 2016, and joined the Nisqually staff that same year. My interests in science are varied, and so I love teaching middle school science, where I get to teach (and learn with my students) everything!
    • I live in Olympia, WA, with my wife and (baby) daughter. In my free time, I love to spend time with family, play the piano, travel, camp, hike, and learn about science!

    Contact and Technology Resources

    • Please contact me via my email () at any time. If you prefer to call, please do so after 3:50 pm (412-4700). I will send out emails about upcoming quizzes, tests, field trips, and other important dates. I also recommend that you check Skyward for up-to-date grades and to check for missing assignments.
    • I post all quizzes and many student assignments on Canvas. I highly recommend that you create a parent account to access these resources. Note: student grades in Canvas are incomplete; use Skyward to check your student's grades.
    • To access Skyward, click here.
    • To sign up and access your child's account in Canvas, click here.  
    • For information on class rules, procedures, and grading, please reference my current syllabus. Your child should have a copy in the science section of their binder as well.


    • 7th-8th grade science alternates between physical science and life science year-to-year. Some students may take physical science as 7th graders, followed by life science as 8th graders. Others may take life science as 7th graders, followed by physical science as 8th graders.
    • 2019-20 school year: life science 
    • 2020-21 school year: physical science
    • We will be mastering the following standards from the Next Generation Science Standards. 8th graders will take the summative state test, the WCAS, at the end of the school year. This test will cover all of middle school science as outlined in the NGSS.

    Physical Science

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    Life Science

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

Classroom Information

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