Brian Kinsella



    Note: This is the schedule for full in-person learning, not for remote learning. 

    Regular Day Schedule

    • Advisory: 9:20-9:35
    • P.1 Physical Science: 9:39-10:32
    • P.2 Physical Science: 10:36-11:29
    • P.3 Physical Science: 11:33-12:29
    • 3rd Lunch: 12:29-12:59
    • P.4 Physical Science: 1:03-1:56
    • P.5 Planning: 2:00-2:53
    • P.6 Hi-Cap Earth & Space: 2:57-3:50

    Early Release Schedule

    • Advisory: 9:20-9:35
    • P.1 Physical Science: 9:39-10:17
    • P.2 Physical Science: 10:21-10:59
    • P.3 Physical Science: 11:03-11:59
    • 3rd Lunch: 11:59-12:29
    • P.4 Physical Science: 12:33-1:11
    • P.5 Planning: 1:15-1:53
    • P.6 Hi-Cap Earth & Space: 1:57-2:35

Class Information

  • I am proud to be entering my fifth year of teaching 7th-8th grade science at NMS. This will also be the first year of teaching a new CTE course: audio engineering.


    • BA, Philosophy and Jazz Studies, University of Washington (2006)
    • Biotechnology Training Certificate, Seattle Central College (2009)
    • Master in Teaching, Middle Level Science Endorsement, The Evergreen State College (2016)

    Work History

    • Professional musician (pianist) (2006-2014) - performance, education, composition, clinician, audio engineering
    • Nisqually Middle School, 7/8 Science, (2016-present)


    • I live in Olympia, WA, with my wife (Nelly), daughter (Marina), and dog (Arrow). I like to travel, camp, hike, barbeque, make sandwiches, cheer on the Mariners, and make electronic music with analog synthesizers. I'm also extremely passionate about science, especially astronomy, audio engineering, and physics. 

    Contact and Tech Resources

    • Please contact me via email at any time. If you prefer to call or video conference, send me an email and we will set up a time to talk.
    • I will regularly send out emails about upcoming quizzes, tests, field trips, and other important dates.
    • Use Skyward to check grades, missing assignments, and attendance records.
    • Students will use Canvas for assignments, quizzes, discussions, and additional learning resources. 
    • You can create a Canvas account to observe your child's work and learning resources. To sign up for an "Observer" account on Canvas, click here.  
    • For information on class rules, procedures, and grading, please reference my current syllabus


    • 7th-8th grade science alternates between two different integrated science courses (Year A: Matter & Energy; Year B: Structure & Function). Some students may have Year A as 7th graders, followed by Year B as 8th graders. Others may take Year B as 7th graders, followed by Year A as 8th graders.
    • 2020-21 school year: Year A
    • 2021-22 school year: Year B
    • We will be mastering the following standards from the Next Generation Science Standards. 8th graders will take the summative state test, the WCAS, at the end of the school year. This test will cover all of middle school science as outlined in the NGSS.


    • Students will primarily interact with the online curriculum Stemscopes

    Year A: Matter & Energy

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    Year B: Structure & Function

    Semester 1

    Semester 2