Wade Jerdee

Professional Biography

  • I've been teaching since 2002 when I graduated with my Masters in Teaching.  I have taught in 3 states and 2 countries and am a National Board Certified Teacher for middle school aged students in English. More importantly, I love teaching Middle School because we are a dynamic, fun group. I am looking forward to working with you and your families to make sure our students are successful.


    Ms. Baxter is a student teacher earning her masters in Teaching through The Evergreen State College. She has worked in schools since 2016 including being here with us last year. She really enjoys seventh graders for their humor. When she is not at school, she enjoys drawing.


  • Advisory:   7th Grade

    1st Period: 7th Grade ELA
    2nd Period:7th Grade ELA
    3rd Period:Planning
    4th Period: 7th Grade ELA 
    5th Period: 7th Grade ELA
    6th Period: 7th Grade High Cap