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    ~ lux venit ex lucto ~

    Welcome to Robotics Club - my name is Jenny Kassil (formerly Ms. Goin), and it is my privilege to be your FTC Robotics Coach.  FTC requires a wide variety of professional and technical skills.  Creativity, imagination, ingenuity, and passion are at the heart of innovation, and I hope to foster all of those gifts in you this season.0 - triumph.jpg

    FTC stands for FIRST Tech Challenge.  Ultimately we will form and register two teams.  Each team will compete in 3 events, with the possibility of qualifying for State and beyond.  Succeeding at this work is about more than a robot… because being a scientist, mathematician, engineer, technology engineer is about more than the product you produce.

    The purpose and mission of our club is:

    • Designing, building, programming and sharing robots;
    • To participate in competition-level events, including, but not limited to, FIRST Tech Challenge;
    • Build and share professional skills necessary to succeed in STEM-related fields;
    • Contributing to our community through service, teaching, leadership and inspiration;
    • And to include and support all members are Gracious Professionals.

    As an ASB club, we are led by student officers elected by club members in good standing.  We will hold elections in October, once our club is off to a roaring start.  All ages and experience levels are eligible to run for club office, but real work and responsibility comes with election!

    Our meeting schedule includes weekday and weekend times.  Occasional special meetings will be scheduled at the request of teams.  Ordinarily:

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm - 5pm in room 2050 - trophy.JPG
      • 2pm - 3pm is a required study hall
      • Snack is served (please donate food for hungry teenagers!)
      • 3pm - 5pm work time
    • Saturdays 10am - 2pm in room 205
      • Snack served at 12pm
      • The school doors are locked.  To get in:
        • Call 360-412-4411
        • Enter extension 41205
        • We will come down to let you in!

    We compete in the Washington Chapter of FIRST.  This state-wide organization puts teams into leagues once they know how many teams are competing.  After that, competition dates and locations will finalized.  Our tentative competition schedule is:

    • League Event #1: November 4th or 5th, Location TBD0 - pits.JPG
    • League Event #2: December 2nd or 3rd, Location TBD
    • Interleague Championship: December 16th or 17th, Location TBD

    After this point, teams might qualify to advance to State or beyond.  Details for these events will come later.  Transportation to and from events is student and family responsibility.  If you are unable to transport your student, please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

    Participating in FTC requires dues.  If you qualify for free and reduced lunch or are experiencing a financial hardship, please let me know.  They North Thurston Education Foundation joyfully supports participation costs for clubs and sports.  The dues for our club are as follows:

      • $50 paid upfront.  Checks made out to North Thurston High School.
      • A total of $200 by the end of the season:
        • If you are able, the funds are appreciated!
        • Each time your student participates in an outreach activity, event, or fundraiser, the total participation fee is reduced by $25.
        • Participating in 6 events removes the extra cost.

    Thank you so much for your interest, effort, and innovation!  Every year I coach robotics club I feel better about the future - because it rests in the hands of these stellar inventors, engineers, programmers, scientists, and business people!


    Jenny Kassil

    AP Physics 1, Physics, STEM Physics

    FTC Robotics Coach

    School Phone:

    360-412-4800 - Main Office

    Direct Phone:     

    360-412-4411 ext. 41-205





    Office Hours:

    Room 205 - 5th period planning, after school