Letter from Interim Principal Angela Lee-Pope

  • Angelia Lee-PopeDear Ridge Families-

    I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Interim Principal at River Ridge High School. It's not a role taken lightly, and I am committed to serving you, the faculty, the community, and most importantly the student body. 

    A little about me: I am an eighth child from a family of nine where public education has been of great value and reward. This is my second year working in leadership at River Ridge. Prior to this position, I was a counselor at Kentridge High School in Kent, Washington and have taught in several parts of the country as a military spouse. I love helping students develop the skills and knowledge that positively impacts them far beyond their years in high school. My husband and I are the proud parents of three now-adult children.

    I appreciate the district’s support as we continue to progress forward this school year during Ms. Malloy’s absence. River Ridge has a wonderful leadership team, including Patrick Egrubay, Shannon Strozyk, and Christine Scott.

    Thank you for your partnership with teachers, counselors, and other River Ridge High School staff to support your child’s success in school. I have confidence in our team to be responsive to student needs and family requests. If you have questions after reaching out to your child’s teacher, feel free to contact my office. It is an exciting time in the lives of our students as we head into spring, including activities, athletics, and end of year activities for the graduating Class of 2022! 

    Angela Lee-Pope
    Interim Principal
    River Ridge High School