Jonathan Levy-Wolins

Professional Biography

  • Mr. Levy-Wolins received his Bachelor of Art's Degree in 2011 from the Evergreen State College. In 2015, Mr. Levy-Wolins received his Master's in Teaching Degree from The Evergreen State College and is certified to teach K-8th grade. He taught kindergarten from 2015-17 and is now teaching second grade.


    • 8:40 Attendance/Lunch Count
    • 8:45 Morning Meeting
    • 9:00 Morning Work
    • 9:10 STEM
    • 10:00 Specialist (Art, Music, PE)
    • 10:40 STEM
    • 11:20 ELA
    • 11:40 Lunch
    • 12:10 Recess
    • 12:30 ELA
    • 1:05 Problem Solving
    • 1:05 Recess
    • 1:50 ELA
    • 2:35 Optional Choice Time
    • 2:55 Sharing Circle
    • 3:10 Dismissal 
    • Return Library Books By Monday
    • Friday=Show and Tell 

Class Policies

  • Paperwork schedule

    Paperwork goes home every day in student folders. If you wish to send me a note or send lunch money, please place it in the folder. Please be sure to check your child’s folder EVERY NIGHT. Sometimes completed work and paperwork can be overwhelming. Some parents have found it helpful to create a special place/inbox in your home where all paperwork goes until parents can go through it. Homework will be sent out either Friday or on Monday.


    We cannot release your child to someone who is not authorized on your blue emergency card. If your child will not being going home in the usual manner, please send a note in the morning or call the office. If you need to add an additional person to your blue emergency card please send a note.

    Book orders

    Scholastic Online ordering code: P8P3F. Book orders will come home in folders. Please return order forms in your child’s folder with a check (checks only please) in an envelope. Please make checks out to Scholastic Books (not Lacey Elementary). The orders will be placed one to two weeks after they are sent home.


    If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, you are welcome to send in a treat for their celebration. Currently, we have 22 students in our class. Please do not send invitations to school for a private party unless the whole class is invited. Please do not bring any peanut or tree nut products.


    Students are free to use the bathroom facilities whenever they need. Students are also encouraged to use the bathroom during their lunch or recess because often times immediately after recess we are transitioning to another classroom, or new directions/announcements are being given that are essential.


    Free or reduced lunch forms are sent home in September. You can also obtain them from the office or on the district webpage and may put money into your child’s account today. Otherwise, send money for lunch daily, or put a larger amount into your account and the computer will withdraw it when needed. You will see a stamp on your child’s hand when their account is getting low. When sending money, please place it in an envelope marked with your child’s name, Jonathan Levy-Wolins, room number 5 and the amount enclosed. Breakfast is also served at school. Regular, free, and reduced prices are listed on the lunch menu. Please let your child know that breakfast must be finished by the time the bell rings. Breakfast will not be allowed in the classroom. Menus will be sent home monthly for both lunch and breakfast. Please keep these menus and check them every day.


    I am happy to have help in or out of the classroom. Please sign up to volunteer and I will contact you to schedule a time. You will need to fill out a volunteer background check online (even if you filled one out last year) .

    Internet Access Permission

    Please look over the form in the open house packet regarding Internet access.


    Math and reading homework will come home on Fridays. Please return it to school by the following Friday. I accept all late homework. The homework is designed to help reinforce concepts taught in class. Please practice these problems with your child until they feel confident with the skills.

    Show and Tell

    Every Friday will be show and tell. Students may bring something in, tell us about something, sing, or play “I-Spy”. Please do not send valuables or weapons to school.


    I will frequently send home a newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming dates and important information. If you have questions or concerns you may leave me a phone message at school, or email me. I cannot conference with parents during school hours when students are coming in and out of the class. Please set up a time to talk with me in person if necessary.

    Box Tops

    We collect both box tops. When you have collected a few, please send them to school in a Ziploc bag.

    Star Student

    Beginning in October we will have a “Star Student” celebrated each week. At the beginning of your child’s week I will send home construction paper that you can use to display your child with pictures, art work, etc. Your child will have a special sharing time when they can tell about their photos or other things they may bring in. If an adult family member would like to join in their child’s sharing that would be great! Just let me know ahead of time what time and day someone will be coming in.


    I approach classroom management with positive reinforcement and routines that help to keep children on task. Step one is a warning/redirect the student. Step 2 is a quiet time out spot (the student chooses how long to stay and when they are ready to return. Step 3 is cross grade in another classroom where the student completes a self-reflection sheet. Step 4 is to the office where typically parents receive a phone call home. (There are certain behaviors that are automatic office referrals. Example: stealing, defiance to staff, hurting others, aggressive behavior, cursing, etc)


    No pets of any kind are allowed on school grounds.