Join the Meadows PTSA!

  • We have a great PTSA that plans awesome events all year long. There are a whole range of ways to get involved in YOUR Meadows PTSA. The first step is to fill out a membership application and submit your $15 dues. Applications are available in the front office or sign up online >>

    We welcome your comments, concerns, and suggestions! Feel free to email us at

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    How does PTSA help support Meadows?

    The PTSA sponsors fun school events (Scholastic Book Fair, Movie Night, Field Day, etc.), provides funds to help pay for classroom necessities and teacher requests, as well as field trips, after school clubs and educational assemblies.

    Do I need to join every year?

    YES! Your membership runs through the end of each school calendar year. It is $15 for each adult family member, and all Meadows students are free honorary members.

    What are the benefits of joining the Meadows PTSA?

    By joining the PTSA, you'll help support fun activities at Meadows. You'll also get some amazing discounts through the Washington State PTA website (Washington State Fair, Great Wolf Lodge, Silverwood, Key Arena, Wild Waves, Xfinity Arena, Tacoma Dome, car rentals). You will also be the first to know about PTSA events, volunteer opportunities, and meetings. Only PTSA members can vote at meetings but all are welcome to attend.

    Do I have to volunteer and attend PTSA meetings?

    Becoming a PTSA member does not require you to attend meetings or commit to volunteering. However, PTSA events can’t be planned or executed without the help of volunteers, so any time you can give is always appreciated! Meetings are typically in the evenings and held online.

    How else can I help the PTSA?

    Donations, volunteering, attending meetings, and sharing your ideas are all the best ways to help the PTSA. You also help us by shopping at the book fairs during conference week or purchasing Meadows spirit wear.  A portion of the proceeds for both the book fair and the spirit store go back to supplies and grants at Meadows. Visit the Meadows spirit wear store >>


    1. “Only stay at home moms join PTSA” – Actually, PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association. It is made up of parents, students, teachers, and various community members.
    2. “I don’t have time to join PTSA” – PTSA has no volunteer requirements. However, opportunities to be involved are available to everyone (sometimes even from the comfort of your own home).
    3. “PTSA has all the help they need” – PTSA is always looking for fresh faces and new ideas! We also need volunteers in order to host events and get work done. We would love to hear your suggestions for new events, fundraising opportunities, and how we can better support our Meadows community.