All About Me!

  • Kindergarten
    Room 142
    The best way to reach me during the day is with an email.
    I graduated from a small high school in north-eastern Washington in 1994.  I earned a bachelor's degree in professional accounting from Eastern Washington University.  After moving to Olympia in 2011, I went back to school at Western Governors University and graduated with my Masters in Teaching. I am passionate about teaching and love the energy and fun that comes along with it. 

Daily Schedule

    • Morning Meeting
    • Foundational Skills
    • Recess
    • Literacy/Daily 5/Writing
    • Lunch/Recess (11:10-12:10)
    • Specialist
    • Number Sense
    • Recess
    • Math Workshop
    • Choice Time/Free Choice
    • Goodbye Meeting
    • Dismissal  (3:10)
  • Important Information

    School Hours:     8:40-3:10
    Early Release:     8:40-1:55
    Half Days:           8:40-11:40

    Reading:  We use a monthly reading log to track reading minutes.  Please have your child fill out the log throughout the month and turn it in on the last day of each month.  We participate in the Pizza Hut Book It reading program.  For every month from October to April that your child reads 20 minutes per day, they will receive a Pizza Hut pizza coupon.  
    Sight Words:  Quarterly sight words will be sent home.  Please practice these with your child as often as necessary for them to recognize them by sight.  Ideas to practice include:  memory, finding the words in books, writing the words, spelling the words, playing a game with them.  Make it fun!

    Student of the Week
    A new student will be chosen each week to be celebrated as our student of the week.  They will get to be the special helper all week.  The goal is to get to know each child and celebrate them!  The week before your child's week, they will bring home a Student of the Week packet that includes an All About Me sheet.  Please help them to fill it out and send it in on the Monday of their special week.  On Wednesday, they will get to bring in one item to show and tell.  After their week, they will bring home a special book that their classmates made for them.

    We have a working snack in the afternoon.  During math time your child will have an opportunity to get their snack and eat it while they work.  Please send in a snack every day for your child.  Healthy snacks are always best.  Ideas to send daily with your child include:  pretzels, veggies, fruit, cheese sticks, fish crackers.  Please make sure to send everything that your child needs to eat their snack (spoon, fork, napkin).  Also, we only have about 5-10 minutes to eat snack so help them to prepare their snack ahead of time, so they can finish it. 

    Water Bottles
    Water bottles are highly encouraged.  Please make sure that your child's water bottle has a lid, contains only water and has their name on it.  They will be able to keep their water bottle at their seat and fill it up at specific times throughout the day.  Our water line can get very busy during our day and water bottles help your child get a drink when they need it.  

    Change of Clothes
    I highly encourage you to pack a change of clothes in a plastic zip lock type bag and keep it in their backpack.  We do have a bathroom in our room, but accidents can and do happen.  Having clothes in their backpack helps your child to get cleaned up and back to class as quickly as possible.  

    Toys are not allowed at school.
      Toys are a major distraction at school.  If anyone brings a toy to school, they will be reminded of this rule and asked to keep it in their backpacks for the rest of the day.  Other distractions can include necklaces, bracelets, headbands or anything that your child can take off and play with.  These items can get broken or lost throughout the day.  If these items are hard for your child, it is often best to keep them at home.

    Blue Paws
    Blue paws are given to students to acknowledge when they make great choices at school and follow our rules of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe throughout their day.  They can receive these from any adult in our school who sees them making a great choice.  These blue paws are used as class money, and they can collect them and use them to “buy” class prizes.  I try to keep prizes fun and change them throughout the year.   We have a treasure box the includes small items they can choose, or a coupon for different things to do throughout the day.

    Self Manager
    Students in our class will be nominated to become a self manager once they have shown they can consistently follow our schools rules of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  When they are nominated by me, our specialist teachers, recess teachers and principal have a chance to agree/disagree based on their behavior in different places throughout our school.  Once they are approved, they receive a “dog tag” type charm for their lanyards, and they get to participate in monthly celebrations.  Being a self manager means they are a great role model. 

    Lanyards are given to students at the beginning of the year.  The lanyards are worn throughout the day and left at school on their coat hook.  Your child will only receive one lanyard.  If it is lost, they will not receive another one.  We will work on how to be responsible with our lanyards all year.  If they accidently take it home one night, just have them bring it back to school the next day.  Your child can earn different charms to wear on their lanyards.  We have class charms they can earn, specialist teachers have charms they can earn and there will be opportunities throughout the year to earn different charms for activities.  They will get to keep it at the end of the year with all their charms.

    We love to celebrate your child at school and their birthdays are special days!  If you and your child would like to celebrate their birthday at school, please contact me ahead of time.  We will work to find a great time to do this.  Any item brought in to share with the class must be store bought and individually packaged.  If you have any questions about treats to bring in, please contact me and we can discuss.