How Class Placement works at Olympic View

  • At Olympic View, our classroom placement procedures are multifaceted. The process for creating classrooms begins in late spring. Our goal is to create well balanced classrooms to ensure every child has the opportunity to be successful. The staff has input into this process considering, but not limited to the following factors. The following list is in no particular order.
    • The male/ female balance in each class.
    • The social dynamic factors within the class.
    • The best use of resource teachers and education assistants.
    • The child’s intellectual, social, and behavioral developmental levels and needs.
    • Balancing class size numbers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    May parents request a particular teacher for their child?
    No, but we welcome a letter describing your child’s learning style and we will take this into account as one consideration when placing your child.
    What should I do if I have concerns over my child’s placement?
    First, please contact your child’s teacher and plan together to make your child’s year a success. If, after that meeting and after two full weeks of school, you still have concerns, you may schedule an appointment with the principal to discuss next steps.