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    Room: #208

    Subject/Grade Level: Geometry


    If you've not heard from me within 24 hours, please call or send another message. (Occasionally e-mail gets "junked" and yours is certainly not that!!)

    Phone Number: THS# 360-412-4860, Ext 43208 (I'll try to reply within 24 hrs.)



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    Welcome to Geometry class,

     I've been teaching over 30 years, with my last eleven at Timberline!   I love teaching Geometry!  I have a BA and Master’s degree in education.
    For Geometry class you will need these supplies daily:

    1)   Pencils or ERASABLE blue or black ink pens.  (Only blue or black ink.) 

    2)  Calculator:  A scientific calculator is adequate (TI 34 - or any calculator with trigonometry function keys; "sin" "cos" and "tan." Check online for used calculators, cheap!   FYI: Early in the school year, the THS library has calculators to check out and later your counselor can help you find one if finances will be troublesome. 
    3) Notebook:  A graph paper or grid paper notebook is preferred.   You keep all homework in your notebook.  If you get a spiral notebook and loose graph paper, you can insert graph paper.   Sometimes other worksheets can be taped into this math notebook.  
    3)  Colored correction pen (NOT blue or black) to correct work in class.  You correct your own assignments and make corrections on assignments with this different color, for full credit.  Everyone makes mistakes and you can learn a lot from fixing your errors!  
    4)  A set of colored pencils or a highlighter would be very useful if you can get them.
    6)  We work out of "consumable" unit math books, you are given these when we begin new units.  Bring this booklet to class daily.
    7) A compass for our first unit is very useful.
    Glad to have you in class.  You'll learn a lot, and if you need more help with your math, you have MANY resources available!  Please talk with me to make arrangements if you'd like one-on-one help.  Possible options are before or after school.  We have a teacher supervised, math-lab on Tues and Thurs after school, with transportation provided home by district buses.   Peer Tutoring is available all day/any period/in the math hall.  Just ask me for a pass, in order to attend this tutoring.
    Have a great year.  I look forward to working with you in class,   
    Mrs. Kramer 


  • First period        - Geometry 
    Second period    - Geometry 
    Third period       - Prep period
    Fourth period     - Geometry
    Second Lunch  
    Fifth period        - Geometry   
    Sixth period      -  Geometry 

Course Information and Activities

  • If you do not yet have family access, contact Jeanne McGovern, in the THS main office, at for skyward access. Include that you are seeking family access along with your students’ names, grade levels, and the email address to where you would like school notifications sent.  Please check to be sure you can access Skyward.  Please be sure you have an updated phone number and e-mail address listed in Skyward.  These are my best options to contact you.
    Send your questions or concerns to me at my school e-mail,   I try to reply back within one day of your mail.  If you do not hear from me by then, or need immediate assistance, call THS, #412-4860, or send a follow up e-mail.  You can also leave a phone message at the THS #412-4860, ext 43208.  I'll try to get back to you as soon as I have a break with my instruction that day.
    I look forward to meeting, and working with you this year.
    Go Blazers! 
    Mrs. Kramer
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