How to Report an Absence

  • Report an absence by email to Ms. Wharton and Ms. Kinley at:
    Please provide the following in your E-mail:
    • Date(s) of absence(s)
    • Official first name and official last name of student
    • First Name and Last Name of parent/guardian
    • Email and phone number to contact parent/guardian

    Attendance Matters!

    Missing 17 or more days, excused or unexcused, can have a drastic impact on student achievement.

Absence Reporting Through Family Access

  • Log into Family Access. Contact your school's office if you do not know your username and/or password.
    • If you have multiple students, click on the student you wish to report the absence at the top of the screen (the drop-down at the top if you're using the mobile app).
    • Click on the Attendance tile
      Attendance Tile (student icon with check-mark)
    • Make sure you're on the Absence Requests (tabs are in the middle of the screen), click Add Absence Request at the very right, choose the appropriate reason, adding notes, and copying the request to multiple students, if needed.
    • A message will be sent to your office with the information and will be pending until it has been processed.

    Watch this video to see it in action!

NTPS Attendance Information

  • What is good attendance?

  • Why is good attendance important?

  • What happens if a student misses too much school?

  • What can the district do?

  • What can families do?

  • Need more information about attendance?