Welcome to Timberline's Robotics Club!

  • Advisor: Mr. Burkhart and Mr. Stacey
    Room 391

    We welcome all new members to join at any point in the year. All levels of knowledge about coding and robotics are appreciated and are welcome to learn. We challenge all our new and existing members to exceed their current STEM skills. Our team meets weekly, Wednesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:30. Team members are not required to meet this schedule, and the time required is flexible. 


    Our team competes yearly in the First Tech Challenge (FTC). FTC is a robotics competition for high school students, with a new challenge every year. There are three, weekend competitions in a season.


    For our sponsors

    Your donation will allow us to pursue greater heights and advancements. With your donation, we can help more students find access to STEM opportunities. We also will highly value access to specialized tools, as we do not have access to the tools that we need to succeed. 


    We use skills in:

    • Engineering 

      • REV robotics kits

    • Coding in:

      • Java 

      • Blocks

    • Soldering 

    • Marketing

    • CAD design

    • Leadership skills

Helpful Links

Robotics FTC 2023 Game

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