Kathryn Devert


    • 8:40 Online Live Teaching/Learning
    • 10:05 Intervention (Small Groups)
    • 10:35 Intervention (Small Groups)
    • 11:00 Independent Learning
    • 11:30 Lunch
    • 1:00 Intervention (Small Group)
    • 1:30 Independent Work (Teacher Office Hours)
    • 2:00 Monday and Wednesday Specialist
    • 2:30 Independent Work
    • 3:10 Dismissal

Professional Biography

  • Have you ever been given the advice to find what you love and make a living out of it? When I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2001 with my teaching certificate I jumped into education with both feet running and have never looked back. I have found what I love, empowering students to believe in themselves so that they can make a difference in this world. Education is the key to unlocking doors. Meaningful learning is my passion, so I am continuously taking new classes, and learning new ideas to incorporate into my classroom!  I hope to instill a love for learning and a desire to persevere. Wow, what an amazing opportunity we have together this year!

Helpful Math Websites

  • I highly recommend Sheppard Software as a great online math tool that covers a variety of math topics. 
    For practicing your multiplication facts I would use multiplication.com. You can even create live games where you can play against your friends.  
    If you are not sure how to help your child with a math topic visit Math Zillion. You can create a user account for free. The website provides video instruction on different 3rd grade math standards.


  • With the Common Core standards students will be expected to read and understand informational text. TIME for Kids is a great online reading tool that gives your child access to complex informational text. Scholastic News is another wonderful free online resource.