Michela Laverty

Professional Biography

  • As an educator, it is my job to create an environment that promotes learning at various levels.  I strive to send my students on to the next grade level as independent learners, but also equipped with a supportive community of peers and adults.  I am a product of the North Thurston Public Schools, having attended South Bay Elementary, Chinook Middle School & North Thurston High School.  I recently earned my degree in Special Education from the University of New Mexico in May, 2014.  I am grateful to begin my career in such a supportive and dedicated district.   




  •  1st Period  Planning
     2nd Period  Job Skills
     3rd Period   Money Management
     4th Period  Reading 
     5th Period  Life Skills
     6th Period  Life Skills


  • Our Life Skills program serves high school students with intellectual disabilities.  Students learn functional academics, meaning they learn to use math, reading and writing in a real world setting.  Our students work build adaptive skills through internships/school jobs.  Students complete office work, car detailing, and work downtown in the community.  

    Our program believes fully in the inclusion of people with disabilities.  We jump at every opportunity to immerse our students in the general education setting, as well as include people without disabilities in our classroom as peer tutors. 

    Outside of the school day, our students participate in the Unified Sports Club, which allows people with and without disabilities to compete on a school team together.  Check out our calendar for the events, or our pictures to see what we have going on in Unified Basketball or Soccer.

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