Stepping Stones

  • The math curriculum being used at the elementary level in North Thurston Public Schools is called Stepping Stones from Origo Math. This program is fully implemented in all grades K-5.
    The program was developed to meet Washington's K-12 Learning Standard for Math. Each grade has twelve modules with twelve lessons, addressing two or three of the big ideas from the standards: operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base ten, numbers and operations in fractions, measurement and data, geometry, and mathematical practices (reasoning and problem solving perseverance).
    The program moves quickly, with the majority of each module covering a computational or number sense skill, plus a few lessons in one of the other areas, like measurement. Concepts come back in later lessons and in later grades for what we call a spiral curriculum. Each lesson and each year builds on the ones that came prior.
    The workbook pages will look somewhat different from years past. This is an on line program for teachers, so there are no text books. Primarily, students will be completing journal pages along with the class and tests that are completed independently. It is a rigorous program, so the more discussion parents can have with their children around work that is brought home, the clearer these new math standards will become.
    Stepping Stones is full of games and computer tools to bring mathematics to life. The work might be challenging, but our Olympic View students have risen to the challenge, computing using number lines, developing algebraic reasoning skills, and problem solving tenacity.