I am excited to teach Algebra 1, Geometry, and Modeling our World with Mathematics this year. I am confident we can figure out together as students, teachers, and families how to make this a great year of math learning and supporting each other  through this challenging time.


    Working with students and watching them grow gives me great joy. I love expanding students' math confidence and ability to communicate thier math ideas. I will try everything I can think of to get to know a student well enough that they are willing to work with me to reach thier own learning goals. I have taught math in Tumwater, Shelton and Tacoma and worked in K-8 classes substitute teaching. I have also directed a college child care center and taught adults in Boston and Cairo, Egypt. 


    While teaching math and supporting math learners is my passion, I also like to garden, hike, read novels and spend time with my delightful husband, Clark, our children and extended family. I grew up in and around Boston. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. In addition to visiting many places in the United States, I have spent time in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Canada, Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Egypt. I read, write, and speak French and Arabic. I cannot resist trying new foods of almost any variety. My favorite meal is a spontaneuos picnic in while on a road trip or out i the woods.

Last Modified on October 18, 2020