Jeremy Blair

Professional Biography

  • I began teaching at Meadows Elementary School in 2013. I graduated from high school at Klahowya Secondary School in Silverdale, received my Bachelor's Degree in psychology at Washington State University, and received my Master of Arts in Teaching from The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.

For Students

  • The Student page is where you can find out about what we are currently doing in class, classroom rules and expectations, and many other things throughout the year.  Come check it out often to see what has changed!

    Mustang Motto

    Be Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Peaceful!
    Students, you will be using this Motto and your past experience to create an exciting classroom that is a fun place to learn!

    Too Excited To Wait?

    Practice your math skills at IXL.

What's Going on in Class

  • This is where you can find information on upcoming events and what we're learning in class.

    Right Now We're Working On:

    Establishing classroom rules - At Meadows Elementary our motto is: 
    Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Peaceful 
    We will be using our school motto to help us create a classroom environment that is welcoming, exciting, and helpful for all students. 

    Thursday Folders

    Thursday Folders are a convenient way for students to bring information home to parents.  However, there are two important things that will be sent home on other days:
    • Homework:  Homework will come home daily (not on Friday) with your student.  You can expect your child to have 20 to 30 minutes of homework per night, including reading.  However, reading at home does not mean that your student has to read by his or herself.  Reading with your child is a wonderful way to spend time together and stay connected to their school life!
    • Date Sensitive Items:  There will be times when an urgent notice or a date sensitive document (ex:  Lunch Calendar) needs to be sent home right away. 
    It's a good practice to ask your student each day if there is anything important in their backpack.