Jennifer Montgomery

  • Monty
    Room:  304 
    Subject:  Washington State History
    Phone Number: 360-412-4770
    Best time to call is 7:30-8:30am. 
    If outside of these times, the best contact is email.  I coach volleyball, basketball and track, so after school during the season does not work well to get me on the phone.  If your student has any questions about their grade or needs help with their work, they are always welcome to come and talk with me.  All blank assignments will be attached in Skyward.  All assignment instruction, attachements, notes are also available in Canvas.  They will always be given time to finish their work in class.  What is not done in class is homework. Students are welcome to come in early to get work done or get help with work they have questions on.  I usually get to school around 6:30am.  Students should pre-arrange the before school help so that I can look for them and make sure I don't have a meeting.  The front doors do not open until 8:30, so they can knock on my window for me to let them in.   
    Please contact me with any concerns.  I am here because of your students, so please let me know how we can help them be the most successful!  

Professional Biography

  • I grew up on an apple orchard in Brewster, Washington (eastside of state).  I attended Washington State University  where I met my husband.  I later finished my degree at Eastern Washington University.  I began my career at Edgewood Junior High 22 years ago.  After a move to Fresno, CA from 1998-2002,  we moved to Lacey and have been here ever since.  I have 2 kids, both married now, who both attended Evergreen Forest Elementary, Nisqually MS, and River Ridge HS.  I have been a part of this district as a parent and educator since 2002.  I am committed to sharing and showing that it is a great place for your student!  



  • Class times will be different on M/F due to advisory. Please check the website for an expanded version of our hours


     9:20-9:35 Advisory
    Period 1    9:39-10:32 WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY/HICAP
    Period 2  10:36-11:29 WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY
    Period 3  11:33-12:59 WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY
    Period 4  1:03-1:56 WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY
    Period 5   2:00-2:53 WASHINGTON STATE HISTORY
    Period 6  2:57-3:50 PLANNING
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