Welcome to First Grade at South Bay!

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the South Bay Elementary's First Grade Team Page! We are excited to have your students in our classes this year. Attendance is very important for student success and we look forward to having your children attend school on time every day!  Rewards and incentives will be awarded to classes who have awesome attendance.  While attendance is important, we value healthy learners and understand that illness is sometimes unavoidable.  Please refer to the handbook for the attendance policies.  If you need to communicate illness or change of transportation information, please contact the office AND your child's teacher by emailing the South Bay Office.  

    We will celebrate your child's birthday with special recognition in the office.  We understand that some families enjoy sending in birthday treats.  If you choose to send in any treats, they need to be store bought and all the same color and flavor.  Healthy treats are also welcome (raisins, carrots, grapes, bananas, cheese and crackers-ready to serve). Donating a book to our class library is another great way to treat the class and honor your student on their special day! Contact your child's classroom teacher for specifics (number of students, time, allergies etc.). 


    Our daily schedule is outlined below, but there might be some changes as we differentiate to meet the needs of our students.  

    • 8:10 School opens and breakfast is served
    • 8:25 Morning Meeting
    • 8:50 Math
    • 9:30 English Language Arts
    • 10:10 Recess
    • 10:20 Math
    • 11:05 Lunch
    • 11:40 Lunch Recess
    • 12:10 English Language Arts
    • 1:10 Social Studies
    • 1:25 Specialist (4 days of either PE, Art, Social Skills, STEM, 1 day of Music and then switch)
    • 2:10 Recess
    • 2:20 Science
    • 2:55 Dismissal



    Please read for 20 minutes each night, practice math facts, and look for any additional work your child might not have finished in class.  Other first grade homework includes playing outside, eating dinner with your family (if you can) and getting a good night's sleep. Please contact your child's teacher for more information.  

    Learning Links

    Here are some websites we use in class, additional websites will be added throughout the year.  If you have any suggestions for additional learning sites that you have used, please let us know!



    To volunteer at South Bay, you must fill out an application. Learn more about volunteering